STEREOZZILLA MEDIA includes Rotary Publishing and StereoZzilla Productions - a full cycle music & video production and artist development force founded by AlecZero - composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist with over 10-year's experience of making music.

We make music for film, TV shows, commercials; compose and produce songs, videos, as well as manage various aspects of bands' and solo artists' careers.

As a full cycle production, we create music from A to Zz - from composing, arrangement, producing and recording to mixing and mastering, truly believing that creativity is key. Besides songs, we also have an extensive library of instrumental music, ready for film and TV placements. Watch our composer reel and listen to music samples.



We produce music and performance videos, EPKs, promo videos, reels, and other visual materials for artists. We are able to take on various projects whether they require a small crew or a large production. Feel free to review our latest video works.



We offer a vast range of digital media services: setting up and managing social media; building websites; creating artworks, logos, flyers, posters, merch designs; setting up online stores; collecting emails, designing and sending out monthly newsletters, and many more. Have a look at the samples of what we've done for our clients lately.